Will Hitch


Life and Death: The Value of Rugged Tech in a First Responder Environment:

Will joined the Getac team last year and leads their Public Safety portfolio. Prior to this, he spent fifteen years policing in London. The majority of this was in frontline roles at Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19), where he was an Operational Firearms Commander (OFC), advanced medic and nationally accredited Tactical Adviser, advising senior officers on armed policing tactics and capabilities. Will received a commendation for his actions at the Westminster Bridge terror attack in 2017. He hails from the Brecon Beacons and is proud to support MREW.

In a world increasingly dominated by technological advances, it’s no surprise to see digital solutions replacing pen-and-paper processes across a wide range of sectors and industries. But choosing the right technology is critical. With mountain rescue often taking place in highly challenging environments, the last thing rescuers need are devices failing unexpectedly and when they’re needed the most. For this reason, a growing number of mountain rescue organisations are choosing rugged technology as the backbone of their field-based technology solutions and this session will cover the top six benefits that come from using rugged technology in a first responder environment.

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