Fact File 5: Leaving a legacy

Your legacy will enable us to plan for the financial future of Mountain Rescue England and Wales

Q: Can I leave a legacy to Mountain Rescue England and Wales?

Yes. A gift to mountain rescue in your Will is the surest way to fund equipment and training for mountain rescue teams in the years to come as gifts are exempt from inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax, so the charity receives the full value of your bequest. And even a small gift can make a big difference.

Q: What information must I include in my Will?

You must include the following:

Our full name: Mountain Rescue England and Wales.

Registered office address: The Treasurer, 12 Edward VII Avenue, Newport NP20 4NF.

Charity Number: 1178090.

To be completely sure of the correct wording, seek professional legal advice. Or go to rememberacharity.org.uk to discover how you can leave a gift to your favourite cause.

Q: Does Mountain Rescue England and Wales need my legacy?

Legacies are vital to mountain rescue. They provide us with the means to run a diverse range of training courses and conferences, and to provide equipment and support for mountain rescue teams and their members across England and Wales.

Q: Can I specify how my money is spent?

A legacy left to Mountain Rescue England and Wales will generally be used wherever the need is greatest but, of course, you can request that your gift be used for a specific purpose such as equipment or training.

That said, our needs – and those of the mountain rescue teams – can vary over time, for any number of reasons (changes in technology or legislation, research and development, team member numbers, to name a few). So legacies that are not specific, but are made unconditionally, are especially helpful as they can be used to fund our most urgent needs, at the time they are received.

Q: Can I be sure you will spend my legacy where I want it to be spent?

You can be assured that if you specify the condition of the gift we will use it as you wish.

Q: Do I need to tell you I’ve mentioned Mountain Rescue England and Wales in my Will?

No, but it is really helpful if you do. It allows us to plan how to best use scarce resources for the future.

Q: Are there any tax benefits to making a legacy?

If, after bills are paid, you leave money and possessions worth more than the Inheritance Tax threshold, tax will be paid on all money passed on above this amount. However, legacies to a charity are exempt from Inheritance and Capital Gains taxes so any gift would be received in full and before any tax is charged. Your solicitor or other professional adviser will advise on the best way to minimise the tax burden on your estate, including through donations, in your Will.

Q: Is a small legacy really any use?

Even a small donation can make a real difference to our work.

Q: Can I send a legacy by cheque?

Yes. Please make it payable to ‘Mountain Rescue England and Wales’, and send it to:

Julian Walden, Assistant Secretary, Mountain Rescue England and Wales, PO Box 17664, Tamworth B77 9QB.

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