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Lower leg injury – Gowbarrow Fell

July 8, 2024

July 6, 2024 14:25

At 14:24 Saturday 6th July Patterdale MRT received a message from North West Ambulance Service about a person with a lower leg injury, who had been making their way down off Gowbarrow, fell and had slipped on the loose gravel on the path and had heard a cracking noise around their ankle.

The team rendezvoused at Dockray and 2 vehicles made their way on to the fell from where all the kit was then carried up to the casualty.

The Casualty was assesed by team members and a team doctor, they were then given some pain relief and their lower leg was splinted. They were then carried down to the team vehicle and transported to the Royal at Dockray. They were then transferred to an ambulance to be taken to hospital.

There were 13 team members involved in this rescue which lasted 5 hours 30 min.