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Man with Chest Pains

July 8, 2024

July 5, 2024 22:13

On Friday 5th July at 22:13hrs Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted by Langdale and Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team to a report of a man who was in the Angle Tarn area who had Chest Pains.

The location was thought to be in the Langdale area at first and quickly passed to the Patterdale Team to deal with when it was realised it was in fact the Patterdale MRT area.

Contact was made with the man and established that he had been camping with friends at Angle Tarn and had fallen and hurt his knee. He was also experiencing pains in his chest.  

A Sarloc/phone find located the man on the path leading from Hartsop towards Angle Tarn under Brock Crags.  A full call out was initiated and, due to his symptoms, a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter was requested for a swift evacuation.  

Seven team members responded and, due to the low number of Patterdale Team members, RAF Leeming Mountain Rescue Team, who were in the Keswick area for the weekend, were requested to assist with the incident.  

Once Team members were at the scene the man was assessed and as he was showing signs of mild hypothermia he was placed in a cas bag and warming packs given to make him more comfortable.  He was given medication for the chest pains and placed onto the stretcher and then carried up the hill to  the Coastguard Helicopter from Prestwick, which had managed to land as this was safer than winching from the scene.  The man was then flown to hospital for further treatment.  

The team wish to thank both RAF Leeming MRT and Rescue 199 for their assistance. The rescue lasted three hours 15 minutes, involving 8 Patterdale Team and 10 RAF Team members.