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Male stuck in Ravine

October 24, 2023

October 23, 2023 12:30 hrs

On Monday 23rd Oct at 12:30hrs the Patterdale MRT responded to their fourth rescue in the space of 18 hours.  

North West Ambulance had received a report that a man had slipped off a ledge at Aira Force and was hanging onto a branch.  The Duty leader again called the team out to respond and members make their way to the scene to assist in the rescue.  

Fortunately, whilst contact was made with the informant it was established that members of the public had managed to help bring the man to safety and he was now on safe ground away from the ravine and deep water.  The man was checked over at the scene and as he was not injured he carried on with his walk a little shaken up from his escapade.  

The team would like to remind the Public that due to the recent rain the ground and rocks are very slippy, especially in areas heavily used, and to keep away from the edges of ravines and deep water.  

11 Team members attended the incident lasting for a total of 1 hour.