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Swimmer missing in Ullswater

October 24, 2023

October 23, 2023 08:00hrs

At 08:00 on Monday 23rd October Cumbria Police requested assistance from Patterdale MRT to search for a swimmer who had not returned to the shore after his regular morning swim with a group.  

The team was called and launched the Rescue Rib onto the lake  to go and locate the man. Reports from the scene at the lakeshore at Glencoyne were relayed to the Leader that possible shouting had been heard from the middle of the lake, possibly at Norfolk Island. Two team members were already in the Rib and headed straight for the island. Visibility was poor due to low cloud and they could only see about 25 metres around them.  

On reaching the island they located the man who was out of the water, safe but cold. He was brought onto the boat, warmed up and returned to the shore to be checked over by North West Ambulance personnel.

The man had done his usual swim and become disorientated due to the low visibility and could not find his way back to the shore. Fortunately as he was swimming he had seen the trees on the island in the mist and managed to get to safety. He was suitably clothed for swimming wearing his wetsuit, he had a tow float and had done everything correct with the advice given to cold open water swimmers. He waited for assistance without trying to swim back to shore.  Alongside Patterdale, other emergency services were in attendance, Cumbria Fire and Rescue, North West Ambulance Service, Coastguard and other agencies.  

12 Team Members were involved in the rescue taking just over 2 hours in total.