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Man fell into Gorge

September 26, 2022

September 24, 2022 15:00 hrs

On Saturday 24th September at around 15.00hrs, whilst Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was already on a rescue near Red Tarn they were alerted to another request for assistance from North West Ambulance Service. A man had fallen around 20 metres into the gorge and water at Aira Force, sustaining injuries.  Part of the team left the first incident and travelled to Aira Force where they found the man being assisted by members of the public who had managed to climb down to him. Also on scene were Cumbria Fire and rescue, North West Ambulance Service and the Air ambulance.  

The Team’s health care professionals were lowered into the Gorge  and proceeded to assess the casualty, providing immediate care and pain relief as the patient had sustained injuries to his head, shoulder and back. Due to the nature of the incident and the precarious location, members of the fire service who were already kitted out in Swift Water Rescue suits and buoyancy aids also went down to provide safety cover. A technical rope system was then set up to haul the casualty out of the Gorge once he had been given treatment, stabilised and placed on the stretcher. The casualty was then carried out of the falls and handed over to the ambulance crew to be taken to hospital for further treatment.

The team wishes the man a speedy recovery from his injuries and ordeal.  We would also like to thank the other services for their assistance in this difficult and time consuming rescue.  The incident took just under 3 hours and involved 24 team members.

Aira Force is a popular place for members of the public and the Team has been to numerous incidents there this year. We would like to remind everyone to take care when near the edges of the waterfalls as they can be slippery.