Mike Parsons

Helvellyn, Red Tarn face _ descending #1 gully Gr 2 @ 4:30pm

Garment layering: myths, marketing and user misunderstandings:

Mike is co-founder with his colleague Prof Mary Rose of Outdoor Gear Coach. He was formerly MD of Karrimor International and founder of OMM Ltd, a specialist in lightweight outdoor gear. He has over 40 years of hands-on experience of gear making in the outdoor equipment trade — from pattern making, cutting, sewing, textile testing, lean manufacture, product design and management and online selling operations. He also has wide-ranging mountain sport skills, including snow, ice, rock, mountaineering, ski-nordic, skate, tele, alpine, mountain biking and horse riding and has competed in 45 mountain marathons. As part of the BMC technical committee, he deals with faults of all PPE and helps set CEN/ EU UIAA standards.   

He will be sharing almost everything you need to know about layering to keep you dry and stay warm in every climate and terrain, whether you walk, run, ride, rock climb, mountaineer, ski/alpine or Nordic or backpack. 

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