Man + Mountain

By Judy Whiteside / October 19, 2018 /

A review of the Sir Chris Bonington exhibition at Rheged, and a mountain rescue tale Ask most people in the UK to name a famous British mountaineer and they’ll say Sir Chris Bonington. This time last year, media reporting of his view that mountain rescue is ‘a sport’, in which our volunteer team members engage because…

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Mountain rescue refuse a call-out?

By Judy Whiteside / July 4, 2018 /

Surely not? Well, indeed they would. But under what circumstances? Much kerfuffle below the line last week, when rescuers in Scotland refused to go to the aid of a man who called in ‘wet’. Or ‘soaked’, according to another report. In a matter of moments, media-stoked outrage at the apparently hard-nosed reaction of mountain rescuers…

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