Flying sheep, horsey guides…

By Judy Whiteside / August 23, 2018 /

… mountain cats and crocodiles. Must be August. August dawns and right on cue the rain is back, the heating’s on, sheep are launching themselves at unsuspecting walkers and navigation by horse is headline news. Whether the horse in question was entirely cognisant of his (or indeed her) part in the story is unclear. Unlike…

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Crimewatch in Scarborough

By Judy Whiteside / August 9, 2018 /

The BBC programme makers caught up with Scarborough and Ryedale team members for a rescue reconstruction Teams are often invited to take part in programmes such as ‘Countryfile’ or ‘The One Show’. It’s a great opportunity to showcase mountain rescue but can be a logistical challenge given that team members already volunteer so much of…

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From tins and texts…

By Judy Whiteside / July 24, 2018 /

… to photogenic dogs and donate buttons, raising funds for mountain rescue Just before the Second World War, when the first green shoots of a more organised mountain rescue service began nosing their way into sunlight, things were very much hand-to-mouth. Rescue parties used their own climbing and mountaineering equipment, uprooted gate posts and five-barred…

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Mountain rescue refuse a call-out?

By Judy Whiteside / July 4, 2018 /

Surely not? Well, indeed they would. But under what circumstances? Much kerfuffle below the line last week, when rescuers in Scotland refused to go to the aid of a man who called in ‘wet’. Or ‘soaked’, according to another report. In a matter of moments, media-stoked outrage at the apparently hard-nosed reaction of mountain rescuers…

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Keswick MRT Hanging Rock © Rob Grange/KMRT

Welcome to our blog!

By Judy Whiteside / June 21, 2018 /

Good to see you here. This is our first ever post. We’re a little late to the blogging party but here we are. At last. We’ve even brought flapjack. And apples. So now all we have to do is entertain you, occasionally amuse and maybe, every once in a while, tell you something you didn’t…

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